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Dodgy Venue

Well, Newcastle Academy is an interesting place, old theatre kind of venue with a balcony and standing area downstairs. Which is great, I love ‘em, except that the only way in and out were two doors at the back, up two sets of stairs! From there there was a lobby with two more sets of stairs heading down each side. A recipe for queueing to get out, scrambling over empty plastic glasses - no fun.

We walked past the fire exits which would have been a good way of clearing the venue quickly, but there were venue staff on the doors keeping us in line. It was hot, smelly and unpleasant. One guy, claiming claustrophobia, made a dash for the door, barging everyone out of his way until he found he couldn’t get out that way, upon which, after ranting and raving, he calmed down and pushed back in the queue. I was not happy! If you get claustrophobic, you don’t go down to the front of a gig!

The Venue management need to sort that out…