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Fire Drama

This morning I was woken by an explosion around 5am - when I looked up, I could see red flickering reflecting on the ceiling, consequently I jumped out of bed, put my specs on and looked out of the window. There was a car, on fire opposite my house!

Immediately I phoned the fire brigade and was slightly off put by a voice reading out my mobile phone number, I suspect for the recording. I said there was a car on fire and gave the name of my street, but forget to tell them the city! Once they sorted that out, they said a fire engine would be on it’s way.

I threw on some clothes, got the car keys and went outside, a bit scared in case there was a further explosion. Noticing that Clare’s number plate had melted on her car, I quickly hopped in and drove it up the street. The plastic bumper had buckled a bit, but I think it’ll be ok. The number plate is just a mess.

Then I got my car and moved it out of the way too, taking no chances. At that point the fire engine turned up and they started to put the fire out.

Don’t know whether it was joyriders, just setting it on fire at the end of the road, or a neighbours car which had developed an electrical fault, set itself on fire and rolled down the hill, or some other explanation.

Needless to say, I went back to bed, but couldn’t sleep because of the adrenaline! By the time I did feel dozy, it was time to get up for work.. harumph!

The car was there when I left, a wreck, blocking the road at one end.