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Apple Keyboards, Boot Keys and Mac Minis

So, I thought I’d completely bust one of the Mac Minis I bought on ebay. It’s a dual core Intel 1.66Mhz Mini and I have one of the recent aluminium, USB Apple keyboards. Nice combo huh? Well, it would be if you could input key combinations at start up, say for example if you’d bodged up your boot camp install…

.. well, you’re stuffed, because the Aluminium keyboards don’t work on Intel Minis during the boot sequence. How crappity is that?! So, a lot of trying out different things, until I borrowed a Dell keyboard from work. It felt dirty plugging it in to the Mac, but at least the Mac listened to what it was saying! Now, I’m happily booted back in to OS X, stumped at the lack of backwards compatibility provided by a keyboard.. yes, that’s a keyboard..