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Mounting ReadyNAS Duo Drives From Ubuntu

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Choosing a NAS solution where you can’t mount the storage media outside of the NAS is asking for trouble. I was worried I’d made the wrong choice when I found that mounting the ReadyNAS do ext3 drives is not trivial, mainly because they use a 16kb block size with their SPARC cpus.

A bit of routing around found various solutions, but the one which worked for me was as follows.

  1. Fire up ubuntu vm (running on OS X for me and in my case 9.10 Karmic)

  2. install lvm2 with a apt-get install lvm2

  3. Download ext2fuse 0.5 (from here for example)

  4. run vgscan to locate drives

  5. vgchange -ay c to allow access to drive

  6. mkdir /mnt/lvm

  7. ext2fuse /dev/c/c /mnt/lvm (where ext2fuse will have been downloaded)

  8. drive can now be accessed on /mnt/lvm