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Baby Kit Recommendations – Part 1

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So when little nipper was born, we initially used cotton wool and warm water for all wiping up incidents. No nasty chemicals and worked a treat.. after a couple of weeks though, baby skin can cope with a bit more, so we switched to the pack of disposable wipes we’d been given in our baby welcome pack. They worked fine but just seemed a bit.. well, disposable and wasteful. This is where cheeky wipes come in. Cheeky Wipes

They are brilliant. They’re nice cotton squares complete with dirty and clean tubs and potions. You soak the clean ones in the clean tub with the clean potion, and the dirty go in the dirty tub with the dirty potion. Fantastic, the dirty potion is anti-bacterial and when it’s full, you pull the drawstring and chuck them in the washing machine.

Travel bags are also provided and our top tip is to leave the squares out in the sunshine to dry as the sun bleaches them, removing any stains.