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Week 4 - Stutter Stutter

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This week has been a bit wonky.

Saturday was a triumph, getting Cathy and Heathcliff doing something useful as part of Bill Drummond’s sixth form workshop. It certainly warmed the cockles & Leila has written some more about it on her post.

Tuesday was a day where we were part of Site’s Brand Innovation task force, looking at Site’s ‘Brand Promise’. This was jam packed and a bit of a brain strain, but we made a contribution and as we were observed by our illustrious researcher, we hopefully gave him something to write about!

Wednesday went a bit wonky as my daughter was poorly meaning the day was very broken up. I started having a look at Ruby, the programming language whilst thinking about how we could get Cathy & Heathcliff to interact a bit more with Twitter.

Thursday was the day of working out how to get Cathy and Heathcliff mobile. A frustrating day as the components and bits and bobs we bought didn’t work or wouldn’t work how we wanted them to. We ended the day though with a 3G dongle and an ethernet to USB connector which hopefully means that if we can take a Mac, a dongle, a lead, a printer & some sort of power supply then we can take them anywhere where there is a mobile signal and they’ll work.

We also spent a fair bit of time thinking about our contribution to Future Everything which is next week, meep!