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Week 6 – Polargraph Working, Mobile Printers and Open House

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Leila has done a top job of writing up about the Open House we held at Site Gallery on Friday. We had a great time talking about Happenstance so far to a full house (well cafe anyway).

Having the Polargraph finally up and running on the correct voltage was great and a fantastic drawing of Lord Jarvis of Cocker appeared as the event went on.

We also had Heathcliff Printer working (although he did conk out at one point for some unexplained reason) and Leila got her Kinnect set up doing some Minority Report style magic.

One of our conductive paint houses was there too, but it was too dark really to see it in action. Winter time for those I think.

We had a little Q&A after our talk and one of the questions really got me thinking about being a creative software engineer - what does that mean in practice and how can we encourage techies to embrace their creativity, smashing through the constraints of institutional methodologies. Sounds like that might be a future blog post!

A lot of cake was eaten and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all who helped and all who came along!