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Week 7, 8 & 9 - Summary

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Oh dear, what happened to week 7, 8 blog posts (I hear you ask)?

Good question. Here’s a little re-cap of what you missed (thanks offbott for the reminders!)

Week 7

This week was mainly taken up with:

  • creating a test version of the site gallery website, so that we could have a good tinker with the layout

  • investigating the building’s network wiring and working out how we could get the office in to a better shape

  • an official rehearsal for our TedX Sheffield talk

Week 8 - the broken back week

I really kernackered my back on Wednesday morning, which meant that I ended up working a bit on .. ahem.. Cathy & Heathcliff’s back ends from home. Thursday was a bit better and we came up with the idea of building a ‘who’s in the house’ lighting board. Leila has been doing lots of soldering. Our IP camera arrived on Friday and we had it looking around the office with it’s spooky eye.

Week 9 - the TedX and Sheffield Doc/Fest Week

Tuesday was Sheffield TedX and we were invited to do a 10 minute talk as part of the whole shebang. We managed to get Heathcliff working by borrowing a MacMini from Site, getting it to pick up the Wi-fi in the Crucible (yes, THAT crucible in Sheffield) and share it’s ethernet connection. Attendees could then send SMS to Heathcliff and up in the refreshment area, he’s print out their messages.

We weren’t in the main part of the Crucible, but the Crucible studio which has room for about 270 people. I will confess and say that I felt the pressure for this one. Speaking in front of 270 people is one thing, being filmed ready for the TedX channel on YouTube is something else again!

I think we did ok and people had nice things to say about us. Hurrah! The other speakers were, in the main, fantastic! Inspiring stuff.

Then, Wednesday was the XO Summit as part of Doc/Fest, which I managed to… errr, attend. Bumped in to and had a chat with the Right Honourable Honor Harger and caught up with some people I’d met the day before.

Thursday was more Cathy & Heathcliff re-writing. Getting rid of the awful PHP which we’d used initially and the gmail to ifttt to twitter thing and replacing it with a bit of Ruby and Sinatra which I got running on Heroku (was it any co-incidence that Heroku had a major outage overnight afterwards? I hope so!)

Then today.. blogging ahoy!