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From MySQL Datadump to Mongo

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Let us say that you have a MySQL dump of a database table, with a load of data which ideally, you’d like to pull into a Mongo DB as json.

What you could do is…

Import data in to MySQL database

Usual kind of thing here, assuming you have a MySQL username for a created database:

mysql -uusername -p -Ddbname < mysqldumpfile.sql

Export data from MySQL database in json format

There is a cracking ruby gem mysql2xxxx which will export from a mysql database to various formats, including json.

You can drive it via code or a number of binaries are provided. So:

mysql2json --user=username --password=password --database=dbname --execute="select * from my_special_table" > my_special_file.json

Importing the json straight in to your mongodb

Then you can use mongoimport to pull in the json. If your export from mysql2json is surrounded by the square brackets, you’ll need the --jsonArray option. Your command will need to be something like:

mongoimport --type json --file my_special_file.json --collection mycollection --db mymongodb --jsonArray


Simple three step transformation from MySQL dump to Mongo. You may know a better, more straightforward way of doing this, please add a comment if you do!