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A Great Idea for Amazon Deliveries

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Amazon Pickup Lockers

This year, Amazon launched it’s Pick up lockers and Collection locations. A great idea for a mail order company, providing delivery alternatives for customers so they don’t have to put up with the, generally awful, parcel delivery services. Having had parcels left outside houses and in rubbish bins, it’s good to know you can collect, at your convenience from a location you have chosen.

The Oxford - Cambridge Railway

Then, the other weekend, I was on a railway line I’d never been on before, the Bletchley to Bedford line, which joins the West Coast Main Line, to the Midland Main Line, serving lots of small stations on route. A lot of work has been done on the infrastructure recently, as services get extended from Bletchley towards Oxford, and hopefully one day, back towards Cambridge. The line will also be electrified as part of the ‘electric spine’.

How about…

About half way along this route, is a massive Amazon warehouse. Although it is next to the railway line, it isn’t rail served, there are no sidings set up for transferring goods. It got me thinking though, if local and major railway stations had Amazon pick up lockers, then they could be rail served in a really efficient way. Of course there would be infrastructure costs, getting Amazon warehouses linked up, but once that was done, a really efficient way of delivering goods.