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Olympic Legacy Server Setup - Part 1

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For the Olympics, a whole lot of techie kit was required to do lots of clever things. As a lot of the kit wasn’t required after the games were over, they have been made available for purchase at super cheap prices! Kit was originally for Educational Establishments, but once that batch were sold, I could buy one. So I did!

Server Model - Gateway GR380 F1

Well, I hadn’t realised that the Gateway brand had been brought back to life, but it has by Acer! The Gateway GR380 F1 - you can have a look at the spec if you like. It is a 2U (i.e. bigger) version of one of these coming with 2x146Gb drives, lots of memory and a big cardboard box.


What are you going to do with it?

Good question, I’m thinking of setting up a virtualisation kind of thing, so my big server can pretend to be lots of smaller servers, useful for building client sites, experimental things, build servers etc. We’ll see

Where do you start?

Another good question. It comes with the Smart Manager application, which you can install on it to do lots of clever things, however, at the moment, I’ve not even fired it up to see if it has the remnants of an Operating System on it. I’m suspecting not!

I’ve got one too, where do I start?

Well, I’ve managed to find the user manual, you can download it yourself from the Acer site.

If nothing else I’d like to have a look inside to see what sort of state it’s in. Then I need to work out how to attach the funky rack mounts to it, then I need to work out how to install Debian or Ubuntu on it (plus Xen probably for virtualisation).

Oh - it’ll need a name too!