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Olympic Legacy Server Setup - Part 2 - Spares

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I’ve been having a bit of a look around to try and find out where you can buy caddies and Seagate drives for the server.

Hard Drive Caddies

My server came with two drives in caddies, but with no spares.

According to the SuperMicro spec for the server, the caddy model number is MCP-220-00047-0B “Black gen 3 hot swap 2.5” HDD tray”

There seem to be a few UK suppliers around, although I wonder what has happened to all the drives removed from the servers before sale?

Anyway, here is one which I think I will try, from Lambda-tek, price currently £9.20 + VAT.

Hard Drives

Then for the Seagate drives, mine has a couple of Seagate Savvio 10K.3 10k rpm, SAS drives, there are a few on ebay, this one seems to be the cheapest for used drives on ebay. Of course, these drives may have gazillion hours of use on them, but hey ho.


What next

Well, I’ve ordered a couple of caddies and drives, will see how they turn out. Plus, I’ve got an Operating System installed, see next post!