James Jefferies

Creative Technologist and Software Engineer

James is a Creative Technologist based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire who works through his company ShedCode. He specialises in working with the untapped potential found in cultural data, bringing stories to life on the web and creating maps.

He’s worked with the BBC's Research and Development team on projects for The Archers, Home Front and the Civilisations documentary whilst more recently he’s worked with the Women In Parenthesis team on Mapping The Quartet and Dr. Tom Stafford on the Choice Engine.

Mapping The Quartet is building a network of people who either have an academic or personal interest in the four women philosophers, Iris Murdoch, Elizabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot and Mary Midgely.

The Choice Engine is a twitter bot which allows the user to interact with an essay on Free Will in the style of a ‘Choose your own adventure’ book.